Traveled across the whole globe

Route: Sydney - Los Angeles - John f Kennedy - Heathrow - Sydney
Server: Training
Flight time: 41 hours
Aircraft : A380 Qantas

I streamed the whole flight on my yt channel with 3 parts

Hope you like the photos.


That seems like a pretty long flight.

However, in the #screenshots-and-videos category, you cannot have the HUD and side bars in the photos

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are you still doing the flight or did u finish

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I finished the flight

Why whats the problem

ah alright, if you ever need atc please tag me, also my tracking thread is open if u wanna come xd (im tryna get ifatc rn)

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Hi, that is the rules for the #screenshots-and-videos category.

Please read

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okay bro thanks tell me ur discord or instagram and im doing a trailer please help me if u could

My discord is TGS#6969

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okay i will add u now

This isn’t something they do is it?? Either way that is a loooooong flight! Good job!

Wow!! that’s a long flight.

Nice! Make sure to follow the rules of the category though. This sort of thing is better suited to live in the future.