Travel by airport Shuttle bus spotting

Hi all IFC:

This is not really call a spotting, but I really want to share with you guys.

Credit: my dad

(My dad travelled British Airways from EGLL to VHHH, as the plane parking place isn’t a gate, he took some photos to me)

Hong Kong Intl(VHHH)

Time: 5:00am

Hong Kong Air A320

Emirates 77W

Cathay Pacific B77W

KLM B787-9

Cathay Pacific B77W

Hong Kong Air A330-300

Hope you enjoy!!


The last image reflection killed me.

Oops, sorry about that

The bus is too fast lol

That was a KLM 787 Dreamliner

All this makes Geneva airport look like a small airstrip

LSGG? It is VHHH!!

And what do you mean?

I mean compared to my local airport, Honk Kong looks massive with all these long haulers

Please make sure images are high quality. Thanks!