Trashin' Tacoma- Blastin' Fun [NOW CLOSED] (@KSEA, August 2, 1810Z)

Server: ATC Playground

Region: Seattle, Washington

Airport: KSEA

Time: 1810Z… AKA, about now.

NOTAM: Alrighty, people! To celebrate my purchase of the Seattle region, I’m opening up Seattle Tacoma for some flying! Feel free to hop on and do whatever you like! Pattern work is welcomed, as well as inbound and outbound flying.

Runway Usage:

Runway 34R/16L: Depatures/Takeoffs
Runway 34C/16C: Arrivals/Landings
Runway 34L/16R: Pattern work (When you’re done with pattern work, be sure to request change to 34C/16C for landing/arrival!)

Note: I will NOT deviate from my planned runway usage! Please follow all instructions. Some exemptions may be made if traffic is light.

As usual, I’ll be on for a couple of hours. Hop on and have fun!

P.S- Don’t panic if I leave without announcement- iPad must’ve crashed. I will be back on presently if that occurs.

@StikLover2, congrats! I think this is the first topic in the Events category that I didn’t have to edit. Title format is perfect, thanks!

I’ll get on a bit Callsign N247MH

Cool coming right now for a quick pattern

Logging on now. I am N531AE

The Delta flight from Seoul is coming!
Will land on 34R (if you allow me to do that).

I’m departing to Portland! Nice job with the atc! :)

Once again some great controlling, thanks (Air France 750)

Whew. I’ve got to close shop up for now. The response was so incredibly overwhelming, that it just blasted with me with no warning whatsoever.

I came in with a general idea of what to expect, but the traffic coming in exceeded my expectations so wildly that it just broke. Seriously. There were so many requests pouring in every second, that I literally couldn’t get to every single one before five more popped up in its place.

I guess SeaTac is popular! I’ll keep that in mind for the next event. Thanks for those who came out!

@lollip Thank you! It was incredibly busy, so I did my best!

@masonh2479 Thank you! I recognize your callsign. Good takeoff, and happy flyings!

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@Laurens I couldn’t do that, sorry! Traffic was too intense on the other side of the runway to allow ya to do that. I also got your PM about the runway usage. Thanks for the heads-up!

@Swang007 Great! I’m happy to help out in any way!

When I’m taking off and doing pattern work. When I was on runway 17(??)R, you told me to make left traffic when you’re supposed to make me go with right traffic. So eg: on runway [number]R you put me on right traffic (not left) and same with [number]L you put me on left traffic. This is because I’m really crossing the runway for when aircraft are inbound and it could cause an accident.
Apart from that you’re an extremely good controller :)

@jooeball I know what happened there. The runway headings are flipped, and I was attempting to switch all traffic to the opposite side (to the 34s) due to a thankful PM by @Laurens, which advised me that all actual traffic at SeaTac use the 34s. So, as that happened, it appeared to you that I was ordering you the wrong way, when I was actually attempting to put you in the new traffic for the opposite side. Not only that, I was extremely busy, as you could see, so my apologies.

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Yeahyeah it’s fine dude I know what it’s like and you done a reeeaally good job at handling everything. :)