Transregional Flight help.

I was attempting a trans regional from LAX to SFO.
But when I got to SFO the terrain didn’t load in, and than I crashed on a flat white piece of land. Help me understand this.image

This is what happens normally the land doesn’t load in

Flying outside of the region is not currently supported (and to extent, is a violation of the terms).

Matt is doing it right now & I’m with him

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He’s probably had something pop up and he left the sim running. I wouldn’t waste your time if I were you ;)

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Usually happens when something occurred and forgot to end his flight lol

Haha I’m with @John_Preston21 aswell

Both John Preston and Matt flew cross-region. Yes.

They´ve flown about 720nm now from Seattle

there is another tester flying out of the region

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I feel like something is up, Matt was cursing at 34,000 which seems a bit too high for KSEA-KPDX, and when he departed his heading was not facing Portland


He is not a tester. I don’t know why that is his callsign and why he is flying out of the region.


He made it IFtester because he was testing something in IF

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So me & you just followed him even though he probably did that.

He changed his heading from 151 to 149

Transregional flight is not possible at this moment and @DS2001 is not an official tester :).


That is just his callsign nothing else

How do you know that Matt isn’t testing a super region or global flight 😜


Because I followed him for over an hour & he didn’t change heading or was heading to another region in IF