Transport the President! @ CYYZ - 281000ZNOV17

Server: Training

Region: North America

Airport: CYYZ - KADW

Time: 1000Z (November 28, 2017)

NOTAM: Follow all TS1 rules and comply with ATC instructions.

We will be flying from the capital cities of Ontario and United States to their major airports to transport the President along with his cargo and some other officials. Please be try to keep it professional.


Aircraft Options

  • Boeing 777-200F (Emirates SkyCargo Livery) Only 1 person can take this.
  • Boeing VC-25 (Air Force One)
  • Boeing C-17 Globemaster III

Flight Route - Will be posted here later. Or you can just copy mines when you spawn in.

Climb Speed - At pilot’s discretion.
Climb V/S - At pilot’s discretion.
Cruising Altitude - 17,500 feet
Cruising Speed- 349 knots
Decent V/S - At pilot’s discretion.
Descent Speed - At pilot’s discretion.

Gates ( More gates will be added if needed! )

  • Cargo E01 @Ark_of_Ahmed.IF Boeing VC-25 Callsign “Air Force 1”
  • Cargo E02
  • Cargo E03
  • Cargo E04
  • Cargo E05

Please spawn 5-10 minutes before time and also wait for other members to arrive before leaving. Also your callsign will the Gate Number your assigned along with “Air Force” preset. So since I am Gate E01 my callsign will be “Air Force 1”.

Estimated Flight Time is 2hrs.


The president never will land at KIAD… The plane will land at KADW

Very interesting choice of cargo aircraft…

Im surprised about this event… Usually when it involves Air Force 1… Events tend to have fighter jets, yet this one does not… Im interested to see how many fighter jets follow you…


Yeah I know, but I still wanted to land at KIAD instead.

Kind of defeats the purpose then.


I would like to be 777-200F (Emirates skycargo)

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@AmericanAirlines2739 Ok your assigned Gate E03, come with callsign “Air Force 3”.

Don’t have live yet, but I like the idea.

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Changed the landing airport to KADW to add more realism.

Sorry the infinte flight community did not give me a easy time on noticfacations and I have been reading it for hours now

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