‘Transparent’ terrain glitch?

I have noticed over time a recurring issue, this is not device specific due to it occurring on 4 tested devices.

As you can see, the airports are clearly visible through the terrain.
As of now, I am running full graphics with an IPhone 8.

Try clearing your scenery cache

Airports visible through terrain has been a known issue and will be addressed in the future.


I always thought that was intended so you could find the airports!😅

People really have to stop suggesting that as a fix all answer to everything.

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But it fixes the issue in 75% of the cases

It doesn’t bother me that much, it’s just something I wanted to bring up since I have seen it a lot of times since global first came out, on numerous devices. I was bringing this up because I wanted to know if the dev team knows about the issue and have any plan to fix it?