Transpacific flight with A350


It is me AGAIN
I flew from Hong Kong(VHHH)to Los Angles(KLAX)with @Jackey_Fang

Flight Details

Parking at the gate

Take off

On the cruise ALT

Turn to the final of 25R at KLAX

Gear Down!

Land on 25R

Parking with @Jackey_Fang

Which one is the best?

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Nice photos! My favorite is 6.

Also, wouldn’t it be transpacific?

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That‘s right now.

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Wait dude, you took off with flaps full?

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How heavy were you?

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75% oil
it‘s more than MLW

Ah so you were taking off on mtow weight?

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😳 My realism nerves are tingling…just kidding. Nice shots!


Great shots, must try this flight when I get pro again :)

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close to the max take off weight.

Haha,my iPad is hot when I finish it