Transoviet (Transaero) Event ! @ KPIA - 281700ZJAN16

Server: Free Flight Server

Region: Chicago

Airport: KPIA

Time: 1700Z 281700ZJAN16

NOTAM: Take 747-800 with Transaero Livery,if you don’t have it,then take A380 Transaero.Choose a nickname with suffix Heavy or Super (If you are going to fly an A380).We’ll take off from airport KPIA and land in KMKE on runway 01L.The parkings in KPIA are:ramps from 1 to 8.RUNWAYS CAN BE CHANGED DUE TO WIND CONDITIONS,so follow instructions by Transoviet 7557 and Transoviet 327,we’ll send instructions to the unicom.The Max Altitude is 16000 ft.,Speed Under 10000ft. is 240 kts.,Above 10000ft. 430 kts.Please type some comments like “i’ll be there”.

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What date is this going to commence on ?

oh sorry)The date is 28.01.2016

Ok I’ll fix the title

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i’ve already fixed it

I done it :)

Also add the date in the post

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I’ll be there!! My fav airline! 😊

(Transoviet 327 Heavy 😆)