Transmitting One at a Time

Being an IFATC controller for some time now, it’s been challenging and a lot of fun! However, a real controller would tell you that their jobs are NOT stress-free, and IFATC is no exception. At a very busy airport, It gets very stressful and annoying when the flight strips all start flashing at the same time, as pilots start transmitting all at once, even when you’ve stated that the frequency is busy. This type of situation would not be possible in real life, as radio transmissions would cancel each other out if two pilots start to talk at the same time. The purpose of this topic is to propose the same idea in Infinite Flight.

Whenever a pilot is talking to ATC, the headset icon should turn red, indicating to the other pilots that the frequency is busy. Once open after 1 to 2 seconds, the headset icon should turn back to white, indicating that the frequency is now open for anyone to transmit. With a system like this, it would make the organization a whole lot better and controlling a lot less stressful!

Post your thoughts! How would you feel about this?

I don’t have anymore votes unfortunately, but I very much approve this idea!

I have an airband scanner which allows me legally in the UK to listen to ATC, often at my local airport Stansted and radar’s, directors around where I live etc.
This idea would make ATC a lot more realistic and thus reducing the stress of the controller, even if it’s only very slightly!
Less transmissions at once equals a smoother control!

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I’m not sure if I understand what you mean. Not completely.

Yes, in real life you have pilots “stepping on each other” and yes, you have to deal with them one by one.

Eventually you have to jump in there and talk fast and quickly to not block the frequency.

I can picture people getting frustrated if they can’t request something because somebody was faster than them and keeps cutting them off… Again… And again and again and eventually they’ll just leave.

Pilots are people and people jump lines and even though the aviation world is (somewhat) very civil and helpful towards one another, this is a game and not the real world and pilots will try to get a jump in anything.

I can also picture it getting delayed even more, once you have to reply to the people one by one.

So, like I said: not sure if I misunderstood your thing but I do like the part of trying to make it less cluttered since it is annoying when everybody starts requesting things at the same time.


Sorry if my topic didn’t make sense. I’m not entirely familiar with ATC phraseology and its slang. But in a nutshell, have the feature where “stepping on each other” is not possible.

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I would change is a bit to not make people become frustrated: you can send your message but it only shows it to others when the controller responded. This way you don’t get a huge mess of messages in the top of your screen and interactions feel more realistic.


Thanks for your reply.
I think it would be good to have that. It makes life easier on everybody.

Like i said, the only concern I would have is, that people won’t get a chance in to request because other people are faster.

Maybe have a “timer” after one message sent that another one can’t be sent for the next 2 seconds.
But then again: that’ll cause huge delays.

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Delays are bound to happen at a busy airport.

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I can definitely see the usefulness of making in game radio work more like real life…

I hear the concerns about pilots getting frustrated but this just makes communications closer to real life… Learning to deal with busy controllers and delays is part of the process, real or game.

Out of votes but when one is open you have it.


May cause issues but something is definitely needed! If I’m behind an aircraft that doesn’t manage to contact ATC then I’m stuck behind that aircraft until they get approval to taxi etc.

Maybe a system that feeds the controller a few aircraft at a time and the pilot will see some kind of notice to say their message was received and will be answered. Its then up to the controller to clear the Apron for departing and arriving aircraft and to make sure no bottlenecks or missed transmission happens.

Maybe just before you spawn it will show the average ATC response time and then the pilot can decide to continue or not?