Translations in language categories

It’s fine if people answer using translate, but what we don’t need is someone translating a post in the Spanish category to English (and adding nothing of use to the conversation).

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MaxSez: English is the Universal Language of Aviation! Having Separate Foreign language threads is conducive to interpersonal & professional exchanges. Not requiring English Translations of the comments in the category is discriminatory, we would all benefit from the content of the foreign exchanges. Translation of Foreign Topic/comment to English by sub-text should be required. (Using an on-line translator is a no brainer.)


We REALLY need this International Category promised a long time ago!

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I don’t remember any international category being promised.

Why so? We already have several plugins installed and enabled on this Discourse instance. Polls, solved button, spoilers, just to name some.


These categories are for support only. We’re fine if people wish to translate their reply/question within the same post, but what we want to avoid is people just replying to the thread translating someone else’s post (usually a pasted Google Translate response). It just adds clutter, and these questions generally aren’t that interesting.

If we were to add categories for other languages someday in the distant future (which we have never confirmed or promised, @grxninesix), then we would revisit this for said categories. However, as the current categories are for only asking questions for non-English speakers, we’ll leave it as is.


We really expect long-time forum members to express themselves without using random caps and demanding things from us… :/


MaxSez: @Cameron… Fully understood when I commented. I randomly peruse & translate Foreign content from time to time out of curiosity. I note some social interaction and non-aviation related dialog routinely
which would be flagged during the normal course of things. May I suggest the inclusion of a “English Sub-Text suggested” admonision included in the category guidence.

Open this community to multiple langages are the best way to bring non-english speaking people and just permits to grow the IF family.

Add on is just stupid. Let all our hundreds of French people to talk French in the Official IF Community !

I know that we will have something like international Category, Philippe said this to me.


Chinese can be considered.

I think you’re being a tad french here. I mean ‘hundreds of French people’ may be exaggerated. I guess you’re from the South of France…

More seriously, speaking French here just doesn’t sound right. As said above, english is the international language of aviation. Even though, french pilots and controllers are allowed to communicate in our beautiful and yet difficult language, it just make communications a lot more difficult.
Apply this to a forum and it’s going to get out of hand.

Tu parles plutôt bien anglais, ne te restrains pas au français! C’est dommage et c’est une mauvaise habitude.


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