Translations in language categories

Hey everyone,

As most of you are aware, we now have the #support:francais and #support:espanol categories for support queries in different languages.

If you are familiar with either French or Spanish, please feel free to help out other users there if they create support topics.

If you don’t understand these languages, please leave these categories alone. We don’t need people to translate the OP’s question, nor do we need people advertising their language teams. If you have an answer (or can attempt to help using Google Translate et al.), please do.
If you aren’t providing anything meaningful to the OP, then think twice about posting.



I was for the translations at first since it gives others the opportunity to help, but I can see it just adding clutter.

Philippe could look into adding this plugin to allow inline translation of posts (like Facebook and Twitter have):


Yea, in those two languages only… Should start to consider about other languages.


Hey that’s a great idea…but the moderators have to discuss it first, before proceed.

Bring German. There are quite a few German speakers on the forum @mbmhwue148 @Flying-Switzerland


Appreciate the feedback. We review this regularly, but for now we’ve established that most German forum members speak pretty good English, and don’t need a dedicated category at this time.


True (me) ;)

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Excelent idea if you need me for the spanish i can help you.

Gracias :) You’ll see me around that category too.

would like that

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Je peux assister toute personne parlant français.

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Thanks for posting I’ve seen way too many people using translate to help users. It always causes more issues than it intends too. Maybe there should be a way users can authenticate their languages.

I have not checked to see if you can buy it in Germany but what if someone does? And he needs help should he post in #support or #support:francais or #support:espanol? What do they do?

He should post in Support, because there isn´t a Support: German.

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I feel I need to bring this topic up again, I’ve seen quite a lot of non-Spanish speaking people answering questions in the Spanish support section.


No. Only Spanish speakers should answer the questions of other Spanish speakers, and not use translate, because its flawed and the answers don’t make sense.

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Certainly it is, even Google isn’t so accurate at all.

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