Today for the IFATC at home I decided to do some transitions over two big airports, New York JFK and San Francisco 🇺🇸, since they weren’t so busy.

First route: IFR flight from Long Island (KISP) to Teterboro (KTEB)

Second route: VFR flight from Oakland (KOAK), over SFO and back to Oakland

Aircraft: TBM 930 and Cessna 172

Flight time: 20 minutes each

Server: Expert obviously 🙄

And now… west coast vibes!


These are fantastic! Keep it up Edoardo! It was very nice seeing you at Oakland today.

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Amazing views. Amazing pictures! 🤩

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Thanks! And it’s Edoardo not Eduardo 😅😂

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Thanks Kuba, appreciate!

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The photos are amazing looks like you had lots of fun!

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Indeed, glad you like them!

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