Transitions questions

Hello everyone. I am hoping to become part of the ATC operations in the expert server. Would anyone be able to tell me how transitions work, or if there is any way to calculate transition altitude, etc?

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An easy way to calculate is:

Airport Elevation + 2500 feet = Transition Altitude (Rounded up to the nearest multiple of 500)


So if an airport’s elevation is 1,500, does that mean that the transition is at 3,500?

Hi Daniel! @Thunderbolt answered the altitude question, but in terms of what they are: transitions are when an aircraft wants to pass through your airspace, but isn’t going to land.

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Airport elevation: 1500

1500 (elevation) + 2500 = 4000

4,000 would be the appropriate altitude in this situation.

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Oh I see! Thanks for your help guys I really appreciate it!

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