Transitions @LPMA


I did some patterns lately @LPMA.
While doing these I asked myself how a transition request should be treated due to terrain at this airport? Ist it allowed and be enforced with max altitude possible? 6000AAL
The formula 1500+1000+APAlt doesn’t make sense imo.
What do you think?

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Since aircraft that receive transition altitudes are VFR, you should stick with the formula. Remember that it is their responsibility to remain clear of terrain in the area. Furthermore, a transition is simply the lowest altitude they should be at and says nothing about how high they can go.


Perfect, thx for your answer!

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Can someone pls tell me the formula ? bc i dont understand.

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1500 jet Altitude + 500 min separation (better use 1000) + height of Airport (rounded)

E.g. 1500 +1000 (325ft airport) + 500 (rounded) = 3000 AAL minimum

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