I have a question regarding when a pilot is asking transition for an airport (doesn’t matter if it is AGL or ASL), what I have seen from other Youtube video’s is that you just click on the airspace of that controlled airport and therefore you see the “min. transition” in feet.

But lately, if I click on the airspace I cannot see it. Did you guys remove it? If so, how can I know the the elevator of the airspace that I control, without knowing on what the ASL is

Thanks for your information!


In IF, transitions are 2500ft above the airport elevation, so you can calculate the transition altitude by airport elevation + 2500 = transition altitude


How do you see the airport elevation… That’s more the question hehe! Thanks for the information!

Ah! Totally forgot about that! airport elevation is shown at the info tab! Totally forgot that!

Hahaha, sorry guys! Thanks for all your help… Mods can close this now :-)