Transition Commands Not Appearing

Hey all, I just had an ATC training session. I was talking to my trainer about calculating it and the maths was correct. A few minutes later he requests transition but the transition command didn’t appear for some reason. I’ve done over 1,000 operations and this has never happened before. Can someone help out? Also, what should I do in future if it does come up?

I believe the option should be number one.

Happens to me, it disappears when you send another command or something. I’m not sure if the dev knows about this. Perhaps for now, maybe just be careful next time.


It happened to me in one of my training sessions, the response to transition wasn’t there.

Right ok, so when someone asks to transition, respond to them before anyone else? @Gabe_Z

It’s been a long time since I got the issue last time. But I do believe you should send the transition before clicking away or another command.

Edit: This is not a solution. This is more like a temp for now.

Right ok thanks for that.

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