“Transition approved at or above 3500 feet”

To whoever made ATIS say ‘no light aircraft accepted at this time’, jokes on you.


Transitioning over KLAX! Thanks to @EpicNYC04 for allowing the transition, great handling of KLAX!

This is probably my highlight shot in terms of scenery.

Details you most likely don’t care about:

I ran out of ideas for routes, and decided.
Hey, why not do some GA? So I did.
I’m not a GA person, at all. I find it sometimes too boring. But today was something else. So I hopped in the 172 at KSMO and did some


Wow! Awesome pictures dude!!! I love how you dont edit (I think)

The 3rd to last is an awesome one! But dangerous for real life but no one cares, its IF

Also, you can’t post more than 10 photos (gotta remove one) and none of the HUD are allowed to be in. Thats per the #screenshots-and-videos rules

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I only have ten photos, and I’ll fix the hud issue.
I’m genuinely against editing photos, filters kill the images. I also use free cam for all my images, my pet peeve is when people don’t make use of free cam 😂

Oh sorry I must have miscounted.

Anyways yes, when people over edit, it ruins the beauty of IF. But sometimes it gets boring unlike yours. Your one is dope

Cool pics and backstory!

I was hoping you would snap some cool shots! Thanks for stopping by and not causing danger to the commercial aircraft in the area!

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Are you the so-called jet pack? 👀