Transition Approved at Auckland

Transition Approved

Today, I decided to do a little General Aviation flight around Auckland, New Zealand. What a beautiful city it is to explore from above. The ocean, the cliffs, so much green; it’s stunning. I took off from a small airfield south of Auckland and climbed to an altitude of 3’000ft. Due to the fact that the airspace of Auckland was quite busy, I wanted to turn south to explore the coast. But I decided to ask for a transition over the airport of Auckland - something I haven’t done for a long time. And oh boy, it was worth it. Flying a C172 at an altitude of 3’000t over an international and busy airport is something special. I want to thank ATC @TimShan05 who was my controller (if I remember correctly) for this possibility!

Plane Cessna C172 - Default Livery
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As luck would have it, an Airbus A350 of Cathay Pacific took off just as I flew over the airport. This screenshot was made during this flight, which I don’t want to withhold from you.

It was a nice little flight on a Saturday morning, and it showed me again that General Aviation simply still has a high value for me in this simulator.

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Nice photo.

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Wowza, wowza wowza.

Beautiful pic I’m just surprised the wake turbulence didn’t flip you upside down!

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Ever since 19.4 came out, I’ve noticed I’m flying GA a lot more such as the C172 for local short flying and the TBM for longer 2-4 hours journeys.

I love these shots, I always make them in my replay shots!

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Very nice idea, I really also should do a little GA flight in IF again.
I think I even saw you on the map coming from NZME, I was in a China Airlines A350 arriving from Brisbane.

If you mean the plane on the pic, that is an A350. ;)

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Oopsie, indeed 😁


I was indeed your controller 😁, I remember seeing “country roads” on my screen.
Beautiful shot!