Transition altitude

What is the minimum altitude I can fly over an active approach and tower airspace without having to request a transition?

You have to request a transition anytime you’re in the airspace. But most airspace’s terminate at a certain altitude, so just click on the airspace and see what altitude it says up to. If you’re above that you’re good. Hope this helps!

Yeh I meant the altitude, I didn’t realise I could look it up but now you mentioned it I remember seeing the ceilings on the maps,

Have a look at that post.

In IF, we generally just stick with 5000 FEET AAL, rather than worrying about the upside down wedding cake.


Oh, ok, just out of curiosity then, which is the technical definition?

You can find more info here:

As stated, Bravo airspace looks like an upside down wedding cake, which is the different altitudes you see on the rings.

In RWA, ATC clearance is needed to operate in the airspace.

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What does RWA stand for? Real World Aviation?

yes it does

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Awesome, thanks for that!

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You’ve got the answers for flying through Tower’s airspace.

The Radar controller’s airspace in IF goes up to roughly 18,000 feet. If you are on or around that altitude AND have a flight plan to your destination airport (a flight plan that ends with the airport’s blue dot), you can contact the radar controller and just ‘check-in’. He will keep an eye on you.

If you are above 18,000 don’t contact anybody and keep flying.

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