Transition altitude

Doing IFATC test on Wednesday, and out of all required concepts, I can’t grasp one: transition altitude. keep in mind I’ve watched just about every transition guide I can find
Which altitude is used for transitions? The one from surface to X altitude, or the one after that.
Would tower say “transition approved at or above 2500?”
Sorry for this dumb question but I don’t want this to be the thing stoping me from IFATC

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It would be 2500ft for a transition. Because towers airspace only goes from the ground to whatever ALT it shows. Hope this helps you!

This in no way is dumb question. This is you taking the initiative to get the answer you want. It’s also a common question the slack.

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Thank you. What’s about cases like Denver where you are on the ground at 8000 MSL

This topic cover that exact question. In a few post down the thread it gets asked. And then Answered. 🙂


MaxSez: See Denton’s Transition Tutorial. IF Transition height is established at 050AGL for all Regions.

“Apr '16 - …d ATC communications, as well as support IFATC, I would like to clear up one situation that is often misunderstood, and that is when to request for a transition through an airspace. On Infinite Flight, ATC airspace has been established to be from SURFACE TO 5000 FT above the airport and a 5 mile radius”

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Well, I can’t give you the answer to the test, but as noted, 5k AGL is the max at which it which it should ever be requested or granted.

As far as what to use, that’s where you need to look up for yourself the vertical separation required with your traffic in the airspace.

[Max is about to yell at me]

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@Tim_B… MaxSez: Apparantly the Apr 16 Tutorial is incorrect. And the altitude notations in the Chart data block are to be used.? If that’s the case it time to scrub the Dated Transition Tutorial and insurt a correction. What do you think Big Guy?

I believe what you’re referencing is Mark saying that the highest altitude at which you need to request transition is 5k AGL, which is still SOP, so no correction necessary there…

But I don’t think that excludes the option of the tower controller granting a lower altitude if the separation required is still maintained.

Is there somewhere where he specifies it should always be 5k when granted? If so, then maybe clarification is in order. But I believe he was saying it need not be requested higher than that, nor granted any higher.

MaxSez. @Tim_B… KISS, How about if you transiting above 050AGL there is no need for a Transition Request? That’s how I interprete the Tutorial. What say you?

That would be correct

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MaxSez, @Tim_B… Great Minds! It’s nice to chat with you from time to time. Who lov’s ya Baby 🍼


@Sammy_Droubi I think Tyler can help you.
@Tyler_Shelton your assistance is requested.

I think we are good, someone was kind enough to PM me and thoroughly explain how it works ☺️☺️
Close please

Curious about this myself. So it is 2500 ft @Sammy_Droubi? And AGL or MSL?