Transferring/Using AA Miles on other airlines

So I’ve been trying to do some research to see how far I can go and for how cheap with American miles, but i’ve hit a big obstacle, and I can’t seem to get a clear answer. I’m currently looking into flying to Hawaii, specifically Honolulu. My current plan is going JFK - HNL nonstop with American miles (because AA and HAL are partners) but I’m not sure how to use them. Could anyone help me out?

Things to note:

  • I have roughly 200,000 AA miles
  • I am fine with premium economy and above, just not standard economy (if this even matters)
  • I am open for other ways to get to Hawaii, like connecting in a different airport.



This is not possible. While they have an Interline agreement, they do not have an official “codeshare” so AA points cannot be used to book flights on Hawaiian Airlines. The points can however be used to book a connecting itinerary through something like Los Angeles or Phoenix on American.

The part that explains it most:

If you need more help about AAdvantage. Please read here.

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Thanks for the help!

You got it. Let me know if you need any more help :)

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Actually one more thing, can I use AA miles on JAL? Or is it the same thing as HAL?

You indeed can. Please use this link to read about restrictions


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