Transferring subscription

Hey @schyllberg I need you to transfer my subscription from Display Name: User-34487 Callsign N344JC to Display name USVA06-TR Callsign Speedbird 238 Heavy, if you will please? Sorry to bug you.

Hey! Probably best to take this to a PM. 😉

It’s not like I gave away any passwords or anything, but sure.

It’s just better to PM him instead of being all public.


Also why are you trying to switch.

I thought a subscription would automatically apply to the account but ig not.

Oh, so your trying to start over? Don’t you want to keep your progress?

No, I’m keeping my progress. I thought the new subscription would apply to the account with all the stats, not create a new one.

Oh! I see what you mean! Nothing I can do but Seb should be with you in a couple hours. It’s 2:30AM in Sweden.

Oh yikes my bad

Handled separately :)