Transferring replay files to a computer

My Ipad’s storage is running out so i decided to free up some space. I noticed that the replay files in IF take up a lot of space so I want to clear them. I don’t want to delete these replay files, I just want to move it to my windows PC. So I connected my USB C cable from my iPad to my computer but I’m not sure how to proceed further. The only thing I saw when accessing my iPad from the computer were media files (videos, images) and nothing else. How do I transfer my replays to my PC?

I tried looking for solutions in the IFC but was unsuccessful. Help is appreciated.

Device: iPad (5th generation)
Operating system: iPad OS 15.4.1

The device im looking to transfer the replays to:

Device: Dell Insipiron 5590
Operating System: Windows 10

Thank you!

Hey there!

Unfortunstely, there isn’t a way to transfer your replay files from a your iPad to a PC using a cable at this time. However, you can use There are instructions on how to upload the replay and you can then use the link in the email to download it on your PC.

Alternatively, you can do so through Google Drive or another cloud storage service. You can upload a bunch of replays at once to such a storage service from your iPad, then download them by accessing the same account on your PC and downloading them.

These are the methods I know of and use, let me know if there are any further issues!

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Save your replay to or Google Drive and download the replay on your PC.

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Thanks for the help. Will try this method. Have a nice day!


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