Transferring Purchases on iOS/Andriod

So many posts exactly like these have been floating around lately:

One single answer;

if you purchase anything on Android and change to iOS (or vice versa,) there is no way to transfer that purchase.

Like Mark stated somewhere in one of the dozens of topics like the once above, if you buy a game for an Xbox and then change over to a PlayStation, you can’t just simply email customer support and say, “can you transfer my purchase?” Everyone knows this, yet they don’t seem to use their common sense when changing from an Android to iOS device (or vice versa) without realising that you cannot transfer purchases.

Just clearing this up for everyone and anybody who wants to know an answer. Instead of creating countless useless topics, which by the way, take up space on a server that FDS pay for along with their Discourse subscription. Please, just please, do not create topics asking this.


Good idea ! It’ll help a lot the users

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Spencer this post is legendary 😂 on a serious note though thanks for clearing this up, these topics can get really anooying, many thanks

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No problem! My name isn’t Ben just so you know. It’s Spencer

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