Transferring Purchase History to New Apple ID

I want to pass IF to a new ITUNES account.

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the first …

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PM @schyllberg and he’ll sort it out for you. Just expect a delay because it’s his birthday.


There is no technical way to share apps/purchases, but if you have the accounts set up a certain way, you can use family sharing on certain apps.

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That would be for transferring an IF account from one account to another, he wants to do ITunes apps the way I understand it.

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If you have multiple accounts for IF and you buy a subscription on iTunes it works for all accounts on that apple ID.

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I want to pass IF to a new ITUNES account.

I lost my iTunes account I made a new one. I do not want to pay again for the application

Ok, so there’s no by the books way to do that. But as I mentioned depending on how the accounts are set up you could use family sharing, otherwise… 🤷🏻‍♂️

I think stuff will be happy to merge or delete your IF accounts. But let me guess whats the issue here.

1, How you gonna prove you are the legitimate owner of old iTunes acc? IF doesn’t have acces to apple acc info.

2, Why can’t you access/recover old account.

3.You can’t simply go to all the app you purchased and transfer to completly new account unless through apple

I think you need to speak to apple with your full credentials.

Anyways, wait for stuff to clear how this works

Cancel the subscription, log in to your new account, go back to IF, purchase subscription using the new account.

He can’t access old account.

Well then he’ll have to call his credit card company and tell them to cancel it. If he just adds iTunes balance, then I don’t know what to do.

I only have to pay 5 dollars again. and enter my IF account that is different from Itunes and ready?

I just did not want to pay 5 dollars again … I was just moving the purchased app to a new Itunes. It is not a change of subscription. it’s totally different

Yes, you only need to pay £5 for base app as long as you know infinite flight account details.

You should try to save every dime, I was curious who you should be talking to fix this asap.

Then you probably shouldn’t put subscription in the title and description.

Apple purchases via Apple IDs aren’t managed by IF, that is the domain of Apple. You will have to contact them about your purchase history transferring between Apple IDs.


Unfortunately purchases made through the App Store or Google Play Store are not transferable between different accounts.