Transferring from android to android

I’m recently got a new galaxy s6 edge and when I logged on there wasn’t a restore purchases button.

Try purchasing them, it should tell you that you already purchased it and you don’t have to pay.

And if it doesnt?

Cancel the purchase. David (The Staff Guy) will help you from there.

So I was able to download the planes I bought but I am unable to download the 20 purchases planes I had.

Talk with @david about that :)

Thank you.

If you use the same Play store ID, you cannot be charged for the same IAP twice (except Live subs) unless it was refunded. So if you end up being charged for something it can only be because either the Play store ID is different, the item was refunded or not purchased yet.


Hi David this has got nothing to do with this post but I just can’t manage to reply to anything(I just joined the infinite flight community) for instance on a post by Matt elpheck on EasyJet recruitment I had no clue how to reply

You just hit the reply button and you wait for your post to be approved and done:)


There is no reply button at the bottom of the post 🔝

Well you managed to do it a few times now.

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Scroll down a bit more and you’ll see a reply button.

This is what I see

Hello david

Hi @david how are you

If you can’t reply, then how are you replying with these messages? Anybody else find that a little perplexing?

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