Transferring Flights Between Devices

I’ve got quite a new and unique idea.

When I’m at school I use my iPhone 5S to fly with. But when I am landing it is difficult to use the app on such a small scale. I sometimes hit the wrong buttons and…

So how about we have a Tablet Switch option. This means that any iPad or Tablet in range (Bluetooth will be our friend) with Infinite Flight connected* will be able to switch flights.

*Infinite Flight Connected is a new idea. IFConnected means when going into Infinite Flight on a different device your flight won’t automatically crash, it will say ‘Device Connected’.

How do You Switch Devices?

You will be able to switch devices easily. First tap the menu, then there will be a button saying Switch Devices. Click that and it will have an are you sure pop up. It will reconnect to the Device Connected.
Obviously you would have to allow time for the surrounding terrain to download.

I know there are multiple ideas in this one topic, but to have this idea implemented these ‘other’ ideas have to happen to make it work. ;)

Cool idea actually! I kinda like it. I only have one device and no votes left sooooo…


Love it dont have spare vote…

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@Ironman_Ballets @Marshall_Hilfman

Votes are removable, you know. Love the idea!


This is a great idea. Using Bluetooth will surely be the tool to use. Have a vote and also don’t forget to vote for your own unless you’re out.

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I know, but it won’t help me as I only have one device… I’m now a narcissist…

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I see this a possibility for a third-party dev? @epaga probably knows

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Nope, currently no way to set a position etc via API, not even in Solo Mode.


Hmm… we’ve maybe hit another wall…