Transfering Events

Idk if this is supposed to be on the Features category since it’s not part of the actual simulator itself. Let me know if it is.

I have had times where i was all of a sudden not available for an event that i had scheduled. I don’t want to postpone the event because then people might not be available on that day. I also don’t want to cancel the event because that just sucks right? So i propose a solution. The ability to give another member of the community access to edit my event or something. It will be like a transfer of hosts and this will prevent a cancelation or a postponement of the event!

Please let me know what you think and if this should be implemented!

i think that’s already solved by declaring the new host, and having the new host reply any updates/changes. maybe the original event host could put an edit at the top of the first post pointing to the reply number of the new host’s main reply. just my few cents, as a non event host


I would go for Meta.

I think you can just say in the original post that another user is taking over. If they need to edit gate assignments, get them to copy and paste the current listing into a reply, link to that reply in the original post, then edit the reply as required. Hope I explained that well.

I get it would be helpful, just not even sure Discourse (the platform IFC uses) even makes this possible.

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Ok. Thank you all for your considerations