Transfer planes from iPad to iPad

I recently got my birthday money and bought the 773 (777-300ER) with it.
I now want to buy a subscription on my other iPad as this one is getting wiped/erased! Now, I want to transfer my plane from my iPad that is about to be erased to my other one (the iPads have the same Apple ID).
Is this possible?

There is no need to transfer if you are using the same Apple ID. It should give you the option to download without paying.

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You mean restore purchases? ;)

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Oh, ok…
For some reason it doesn’t have the same plane.
It says that I still need to buy it for 19.90 MYR!
Thanks for the reply though!

Try pressing the “restore purchases” button as @CaptainDoomBox mentioned. Also two things you might wanna double check,

  • You are signed into the exact same Apple ID
  • If you got the plane through the “Infinite Flight Pro” subscription make sure your signed into the account you bought the subscription from.

Will try shortly!
I’ll k.i.t!!!

It worked!!!
Thanks so much…