Transfer my stats to different google accout

i just downloaded IF to start playing again on my ipad and i want to use a different google account to login because i no longer use my old account. when ever i try to even sign in to my new account maybe to start over my stats it says…

Hey, Jeremy!

Please email support at with the following:

  • Display Name and Callsign of account you wish to change credentials on
  • Complete purchase receipt of subscription

Edit: you must have a subscription to be able to log in with Google or Facebook. The above text regarding emailing support is if you have a subscription on your old account which you wish to transfer to a new Google/Facebook account. If you do not have a subscription whatsoever, logging in with a social platform will not work until you purchase a subscription.

just purchased a sub

So, you’d like to put it on a different Google account, correct? If so, follow the instructions outlined in my previous post.

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