Transfaring to another android

I’m right now have a note 4 and I will get a new phone soon(probably a note 8). And I want to use the same IF account and my IFC account as I’m using right now on my new phone as well. Without buying IF again or creating a new IFC account. My question is how do I do that.

Well, once you got the new device sign in into google playstore with the google-account you are currently using. You will then be able to download IF and login into your current IF-account at no extra charge. I just did this last week, no problems occured.

Hi there!

Firstly, the IFC is not connected with Infinite Flight, therefore there will be no need to make a new IFC account. Simply log in using your choice of login method on any device.

As for Infinite Flight, assuming it’s anything like Apple which I think it is, when you get your new device, and it’s still an Android device, as long as you use the same google playstore account you can download the app at no extra cost.

Once downloaded, log into your Infinite Flight account and you should be good to go!

Thank’s I’ll try it.