Transction failed when trying to su scribe back to pro


I was just trying to re-do my IF sub and i have sifficient funds on my google play account and when i go to pay it says “Transaction was declined”

Hey! Unfortunately, transaction declines are handled by the Google Play Store, we aren’t provided further information about it.

Your best bet is to contact them through here to find out more:

Alternatively, try a different payment method. Sorry!

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Through the IF app, it shows that I have more than $12.99 and through google play, it shows that i have just under $2

Unfortunately, that’s from a Google Play prompt - we don’t have access to your balance at any time. Maybe check if you’re on a different account?

For anything else, you’ll need to contact Google directly


I already occurred those issue in the past, and I think you can fix it by restarting your phone. Have you tried to restarting your phone?

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Yeah doesn’t work. Will contact Google play

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