Transcontinental Redeye Trip Report

I recently flew on one of Americans A321s on a red eye flight Philly from San Francisco. Enjoy

  1. Getting ready to board

  1. At my seat

  1. Taxiing to the runway

  1. Lifting off runway 1R

  1. Flying over Nevada

  2. The internet I purchased stopped working so I don’t know where we are

  3. Took a little nap and woke up to a sunrise

  1. Descending into Philly

  2. Touchdown runway 27R after 4 hours and 39 minutes in the air

  1. Pilots let me get a picture of the cockpit before exiting the aircraft


That sunrise pic something else ♥️


Lol, I was the American parked next to you. Nice pics!

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Why does the sunrise picture look so dang realistic lol?!? Nice pictures!


The seventh photo looks like it was taken in real life.


Thanks! Where’d you fly to?

Thanks. Just had to decrease the warmth of the picture

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RTX ON ❤❤❤

Beautiful Photos!!


Charlotte, NC. Just a random route I found off of Flight Radar 24. It’s a pretty underrated airport tbh!

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Ooh nice. Yeah it is pretty underrated I was there a few months ago

Nice! Where did you fly in from?

No way this is IF.


Philadelphia and then continued to St Louis

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Looked like a real pic for a second

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Beautiful flight. Reminds me when I went on KPHL-KSEA a321n. Most beautiful flight I’ve ever done in real life out of the 4 flights I’ve been on.

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I was on that flight irl a little over a month ago on the neo. Really cool route

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