Transcontinental Flights

Since Global came out, I have done numerous Transcontinental flights. I try to replicate flights like the JetBlue Mint A321 route from JFK-SFO or flights from JFK-LAX. But I was wondering, when you guys do Transcontinental flights what route and aircraft do you use?


Delta 767

757 ATL-SFO or SNA


Untied 737

American 757

Your possibilities are essentially endless here as many airlines offer a wide variety of routes to go through, check out the airline websites and find some flights between KSEA / KSFO / KLAX / KSAN (and many more) and then connect them to the east coast.

i know there are some great flights from LAX to Miami and JFK that use 777’s and even some 787’s (not sure series) that are connection flights that go overseas on the next leg.

Check out joining a VA, it’ll expand your route horizon! We at DLVA have 1600+ routes currently in our system to fly and other VA’s im a part of offer 100’s of flights to choose from.

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I usually do intercontinental flights as there are no continents that take 18 hours to cross. The ones I have done can all be found here, the same place your transcontinental flights should be.

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