Transavia Virtual Airlines

Dear people, I am the CEO of Transavia virtual. In real life also an account manager at the company transavia itself. Soon Transavia will become a Virtual Airline hopefully. We are in busy development to make everything ready for our airline. We already have community centers and a website. We use for example discord and youtube or instagram. Besides that you can already apply for a job with us at the one and only Transavia Virtual Airline. Apply for an administrator or a manager, or maybe even a 737-800 pilot.

Transavia Virtual Airline is not yet a virtual airline within IFVARB. We will hopefully become an official Virtual Airline as soon as possible. Check out our website to stay up to date about us!

About Transavia Virtual :

Transavia Virtual will be an airline within infinite flight that will fly you all over europe. When you join us you start as a passenger, as a passenger you can participate in events, giveaways and more. You can also apply for a job. You can do that in our website. In the discord server are currently all open positions. We will move most of the information to our website and keep the server as our communication center. Transavia VA also has its own flight school! We train pilots with professionals to become an experienced 737-800 pilot. We are always available for normal people who want to follow trial trainings! Transavia VA is happy to fly you all over Europe to your favorite vacation spot. Think for example of dubai or heraklion or athens. We bring you there with comfort! We are a real airline company where safety, but also friendliness, is key.

This is our website :

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Just a suggestion, I would recommend removing the Discord invite link so the post does not get closed. I asked mods about a discord link for a post of my own if they were allowed and they said they were strictly not allowed.

Thank you for your suggestion!

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I’m sorry…… what?


Hello Levi,
As we talked in DM, there is no cooperation between AFKLM VA and you, can you please delete this from this post?

have you submitted to IFVARB?

We are in development and we did yes.

Cool! Well good luck with it!

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@Levi_Weterings Your VA has not been approved yet so advertising for pilots or staff is not allowed. If you are looking for staff use Prospective VA Staff Request Thread. Aside from that this is in the wrong category. It should be in #live:va. additionally, AFKLM VA reps have confirmed that this change was not otherized. all in all, this is incredibly disrespectful and you have shown no care in reading through the IFVARB website. Please refrain from doing anything like this in the future.

About AFKLM I would not know for a moment what you are talking about. And to clarify for you this is not an ad to seek pilots or employees. This is a post about Transavia in general.

Thank you!

@Levi_Weterings look above in the post and you can see the CEO of AFKLM has just told you to delete the post! If your wanting to even think about partnering with them i would delete this before further confusion!


This is what I am talking about Both are AFKLM employees who have confirmed they had nothing to do with this.

Aside from this, you don’t yet even meet the conditions to apply for creating a VA.

I have flagged this post it will be closed.

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The CEO of AFKLM talked about this here before. I did indeed refer to AFKLM. I had posted that piece earlier, but the CEO of AFKLM wanted me to remove it so I did it subsequently, that’s fine so you don’t need to make a discussion for that.


If I was you I’d just delete it and all will be fine.

Mate the longer this is open the more your making yourself an enemy

As said, Me and the CEO of AFKLM talked about this in DM.

There is no problem with this topic I think. I contacted the CEO of AFKLM and I deleted the message what he wanted to deleted.

Alright well not my fault if you get suspended :)

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No problem. Everything is fine :)


Thanks for sharing this post! I wish you good luck with your VA. Unfortunately, your VA must be approved by IFVARB first, before you can advertise it here on the IFC. The same rules apply to all VAs, just so that no VA has an unfair advantage over another VA.

As you say you’re already in the approval process with IFVARB, it hopefully shouldn’t take too long. Good luck!

More IFVARB Information: