Transavia Livery B737-700

The AFKLM VA is a very, very active VA with dedicated pilots. We create a lot of events, like MartinAir Mondays or Transavia Tuesdays. We would very much appreciate it if IF could add the actual livery of Transavia to the B737-700. Thanks for taking this into consideration!

Hello! We appreciate your feature request, but okease make sure to inly chose 1 aircraft and make sure to have a picture with credits. Thanks!

Check this out:

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I agree for the most part.
We can live with the livery in one variant
We can add the livery on other variants in the far future probably


Wow, good for you, but I don’t have 737-900 in IF in Transavia. How did you get it? Thanks for your support.

Sorry my bad it is on the -800 (yes it’s an old livery), but its the same idea. We don’t need it on more than 1 variant

OK, fine with your opinion BennyBoy, I just like actual (new) livery better.

Please ensure you give us a link of the website from where you found the picture.

Please make sure you request only one aircraft to be painted with the Transavia livery

Just let users request what they want. There is no need for such comments. Better DM him if you think something is wrong



Hi Thomas, I took the picture myself. But if you want a picture from a website, I can find it too.

If you took it yourself its fine :)


Please don’t forget, include only 1 aircraft to be painted with this livery.

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This is a great livery both! On the 700/800 I vote for this!


I think that this looks nice! Can’t vote as I am voting for my own requests and reworks, but I hope that this gets added! Good luck!!


Love this Livery! Would be amazing to see it added along with the two older Transavia Aircraft.

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I flew this awesome bird from Ibiza to Rotterdam its such a Nice beast!

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This livery just must to be added in the game, its beautiful.

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