Transavia best European Low-cost Carrier

Check this pictures.



If I am not mistaken only 1 pic is allowed?

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transavia news logo dont liked, like the older logo.

Nice to see Pegasus liveries A320, B737-8 on IF. orders A320/321 NEO. 💛❤️
best low coast in Turkey🇹🇷.
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ohh thats was automattly

Normal, what did you think?

Transavia is part of the group Air France - KLM, it’s normal for them to be the best in Europe! :))


Well, do not exaggerate ;)
According to SkyTrax, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Austrian and Swiss are all better than AF, while KLM is pretty far off.

@Snelweg_A15 I don’t know where you got those pics from, here's a more trustworthy source.


Naahh…you guys are just not believing the truth. Air France is the best ;) Lufthansa, Austrian…etc. are nothing compared to AF ^^

Yeah, I agree with you. KLM is useless. All KLM planes should be painted with AF colors. We could then make an Air France Groupe (no need of KLM).

Just kidding :) ^^

Ps: I love your new profile photo, Aero Logic 😉

Wrong. The Germans/Austrians just get customer service and comfort.

Only used Flybe on this list, and really can’t argue with the legroom on the E jets :-)

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Who the f*** voted Ryanair on rang 8?


I found it on twitter.

And who the f*** voted Vueling on 9 it deserves better score!

Interesting Pics @Snelweg_A15 where did you find this info?

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Dont hate on ryanair lol. Its a low cost carrier you get what you pay basically. sometimes it aint bad.

Personally I love Norwegian. It’s still top Long Haul low-cost.

I had two Ryanair flights so far (SZG - STN and back) and they were horrible. Skinny legroom, ugly cabin, a typical Ryanair landing and no service at all.
A good LowCostCarrier should still offer you something for the flight’s price.
Ryanair, well Ryanair, as you said… doesn’t. A Ryanair flight is just the pure flight, but a flight consits of a lot more things. One being the service, another one being a comfortable seat, at least fine legroom and a nicely looking cabin.
Ryanair does not have any of these things, therefore I think it does not belong on this list. Expected flyNiki in the Top10 at least.

I saw it on twitter

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You didn’t read the whole post did you? A good low cost carrier should still offer something even though you don’t pay a lot.