Transavia 946, LFPO to ESSA

Short flight, Paris to Stockholm with a Transavia boeing 737-8, the route was a little windy over the Netherlands, but was nice

Aircraft : Boeing 737-8
Flight number : Transavia 946
Route : Paris Orly (LFPO) to Stockholm Arlanda (ESSA)
Server : casual
Flight time : 1h51

Photo timeline - Let the flight begin !

Transavia 946, boarding closed at gate A11, ready for pushback and taxi to runway 07

-rotate- now climbing to our cruise alt.

flight over french-belgian countryside, 35.000 ft

Now leaving dutch coast to flight toward Denmark, strong winds on the path.

Starting descent over Sweden

On final approach to runway 08

Arrived in Sweden at 14:27 pm

parked at gate F28, passenger are now free to unfastenn their seatbelt, leave the aircraft and enjoy Swedish afternoon !

hope you liked the photos !


Nice shots! I like the final approach shot. With the late sunset and the runway lights 😍

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