Transavia 737-800 with Split scimitars

I love the Transavia livery, simple but very nice. However, I think it would be better if the version with the split scimitars winglets was added alongside it. Personally, I think it looks better, and of course provides a more up to date version of this particular aircraft.

Some info on Transavia and when they received these winglets:
On 12 February 2019, Transavia equipped the first Boeing 737-800, the PH-HSK, with new Split Scimitar Winglets in partnership with GKN Fokker Techniek. This is a new type of winglet that considerably reduces fuel consumption, and with which Transavia is taking steps towards making the fleet more sustainable.

The 737 is registered PH - HSK and I personally think it would be a great addition to the sim!

Credit to for the picture!

That can be really cool 😎

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Yeah, I think it would look nice! I prefer it to the original Transavia livery, I think it fits the livery better

Needed also cause of the Dutch registration instead of France.


Ooo! I like that! The split scimitars look great. Are the MAX winglets considered split scimitars, or something different?

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I think the split scimitars winglets are inspired by the ones on the MAX, it may be the other way round, I can’t really remember. They are both designed to serve the same purpose, but they aren’t the exact same

OK, thanks! I’m going to be flying on the MAX for the first time with IcelandAir in April, which should be fun!

something different, they aren’t as pointy,

AT winglets on the MAX

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I would personally prefer to keep the old winglets as almost the whole fleet has those and they won’t be upgrading due to the A32XN coming in soon. A Dutch registration instead of the French one would be nice though.

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Yep, a Dutch reg. would be really nice as a pose to the French one!