Transavia 737-800 New Livery

This livery looks so good with the snowy mountains of Innsbruck in the background

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I do think the regular winglets fit the livery better tbh. They look a bit too agressive on such a calm, simple livery.

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Yes, I agree, I like both but we can’t have both so 🤷🏽‍♂️

For instance in that angle, it’s satisfying imo ^^


Innsbruck is now confirmed as a next 3D airport;Transavia operates flights to AMS, EIN, RTM (all these airports are 3D).
You got it.

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Now we’ll have the 3D buildings there as well. Perfect! Now we just gotta get the livery.

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Just discovered that Transavia also flies to Istanbul (IST [3D]) !

Another variety of route :p

(IST-NTE) @saam 👀