Transatlantic tracks

Are the trans on solo. How do u get them on the flight plan ?

Yes, they are available on solo. To add them, navigate to the start of the track, and tap the letter. It will add just like any other waypoint.

I can’t find them though how do you find them

They should be on the oceans. Are you running version 20.1 of Infinite Flight?

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Yeah I have 20.1

So the tracks aren’t showing at all? Can you send a screenshot?

Hmmm, that’s weird. Are you sure that fixes are set to showing?

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Is it in settings or something

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It’s the gear button on the right side of the map.

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On the right of your navigation page above the calibration button there is a settings button, press that.

Nope, that’s not the one.

Oh… Is it the main settings page?

No it’s not on the map

This button right here:


That is the button I was talking about lol.

Hmmm, same thing just happened to me. It might just be updating, I’ll check back in a couple of minutes.

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Is it not showing for now I couldn’t see it on the map settings

Ask @schyllberg

I still ain’t getting the tracks is it on the main settings 🤔