Transatlantic TBM

Hey everyone. Have any of you ever flown the TBM transatlantic? If so, how many fuel stops did it take and did you fly the NATs?

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I know that some people flew via Greenland and Iceland. I could imagine that you could also only make one stop on the Azores on a good day.

Or maybe a stop at Gander

I’ve flown it nonstop once (wouldnt recommend it, i had to glide down into goose bay).
Usually if I fly from Europe I stop at Wick, Keflavik, CYFB and then you just have to go south :)
If youre flying the other way or if theres less wind you can reduce fuel stops

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Thats what I was guessing. Park it up at FL30 and coast in the breeze. Its the return trip that would be a battle.

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The only way to really do it is to go via Greenland and Iceland.

Any idea what the fuel availability is in Greenland?

There’s airports, yes - what do you mean by fuel availability?

Well, I guess I could pull off runway and fuel up but if someone was to go in real life not sure each airport would have fuel

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If youslow down far enough, and use enough brakes, you can land on the waterand takeoff full flaps

But u didnt hear that from me ;)

Yes I’ve done it once !

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