Transatlantic flight time.

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I have tried to look for an answer on google but I cannot find one.

My question is:

Why do flight times over the Atlantic have such a major difference depending on which direction you are heading? Such as the following:

Dublin - Orlando
Orlando - Dublin

Well there is this very annoying thing called Timezones so the time you see there is the time corrected for the Timezone of the destination.

Sorry I thought you meant the time of arrival, man it’s been a long day.

This is due to the Jet / Gulf stream.

Strong winds push the Aircraft, therefore resulting in a shorter flight.

On you can see this quite well.


The Jet Stream is your reason. Huge winds from West to east make the journey in that direction much quicker than east to west.

Wait what?

That’s what I was thinking 😅

It’s been a long day.

Interestingly, the Jet Stream is the reason a Norwegian 787-9 technically broke the sound barrier over the Atlantic. They had a roughly 200kt tailwind, so were travelling well over 700kts over the ground!


so a Boeing 787-9 become a Concorde just because some windy boi decided to breath heavily?

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If you’ve ever traveled over the Atlantic in Infinite Flight you would’ve noticed that the winds typically are around 100 knots - and that’s a tailwind. Imagine going against that the opposite way? You’d go much slower than the former.

Something like that, yeah!

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