Transatlantic flight problem

Hi guys i have an issue. Im currently flying from KMIA to EGLL and i have 10 hours of ufel and 7 hours remaining. Im about to sleep but my flight is short so id have to wak eup VERY early wich im not gonna do. I ont want to land and postpone and i also have a tailwind wich is going to get stronger later on based on the weather app i have so i cant decrease my already low airspeed as i may stall in my sleep, but i cant increase due to the arrival time. Any suggestions as im clueless…

You don’t really have a choice. Divert or crash. Or wake up early.


Perhaps maybe plan your flights better xD

You can always use an alarm to wake you up to land too… Happy Flying!


Decreasing your airspeed isn’t an issue. If you want to make sure you don’t stall, I suggest going down to a lower altitude where you can get a lower Mach with a higher IAS.

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This is just an advice so when I’m on flights like this I Normally do it during the day since the day is long enough but if I have to do it at night then I takeoff as late as possible so I don’t have to wake up that early to land :)

I just add extra points to create multiple turns in a holding pattern, that is if you’ve packed enough fuel.

Build it off the coast of Ireland or somewhere away from other pond hoppers.


haha yes, i didnt expect the fast tailwind

If you have a device with high RAM amount, don’t pause the game, just press the home button and let the device turn off. Your sessions will then be paused, only works with high Ram devices (2GB+)

thats what i normally try to do, but the flight time was shorter than anticpiated.

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Im gonna follow this advice,thank you :)

How long did you think this flight was gonna be?

Cause from experience I know that transatlantics are no longer than 8 hours

If you do US West coast to Europe then it’s normally 10-12 hours

Literally just add a load of waypoints to your fpl around the destination airport. I do it when I don’t think I’ll make it.

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That depends, I’ve never really flow Us-eu only eu-us so wind speeds are different. I did make the same mistake last week with an md11 but it wasn’t that late so I landed at PHL and waited an hour and then flew over the North Atlantic but to Madeira and then headed north but it was too late this time.

I mean there’s not much you can do, you learn from experience and hopefully have some luck with winds. Look at it this way, I fly with my pax airline and I’m always worried that im gonna be late and get points off so at least your not on that situation

So here is what I’ve done: I’m flying in to Northern Ireland and then doing a 360 “handrailing” the coast at FL390, then heading north to EDI and then south along the eastern UK coast to LHR giving me another extra hour and a half of beauty sleep :)


MaxSez: That appears to be a vintage or another IF constructive solution to me. Let’s do it useing today’s technology and do a Auto Pilot Program Change in the next update. Add a “Hold” sub-routine to the present AP; Just a auto 360, useful in flow control, fuel burn off for non-dumper, fighter loiter etc. Great minds have probably consider this feature, Get’er Done, your burning day light Top Hand…
Regards, G’nite


Make sure you know when to start or not! Looks like your not following F, and a little bit of S if you use FAA acronym IMSAFE:

imagecredits to me

If we look at this one you didn’t plan well either ;)

imagecredits to me as well

I suggest landing diverting to a nearby airport, refuel to the max, and then continue flying. And put your speed to just enough so you don’t stall.