Transatlantic flight in nearly 2 Hours

Ayy I’m currently flying with a SR22 from London to New York Nonstop, it’s propably a bug or something, I’m flying at 85.000ft and I got a speed of Mach 2.34
At 60.000 ft the Fuel started bugging.
Now it says -11 : -41 hours remaining and no KG is going away

If you want to watch my flight: I’m on Training server!
Some pictures will be added later


Don’t forget to 👋 to commercial airliners flying under you 😉

How to do it?

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First you need to takeoff with Maximum fuel,
Then Just hold IAS 160kts
Climb all the way Up with VS from 2000 to 5000
Always Set up the Speed from the Autopilot so that you hold 160kts
Thats IT.

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You are my inspiration, great pictures!

Soll, i lost Control above America now and went down in a Spiral and got 2 violations.
So be careful

I wonder if this plane is pressurized irl

You can pressurise it using equipment however that is not standard, you will never be able to get it high anyway, no oxygen for the engine!
Happy Flying :D

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