Transatlantic Airways

After flying some global and seeing the chaos of aircrafts crossing the Atlantic Ocean I thought that implementing some kind of airway system to better guide the planes would be a great addition to the game. This way we don’t have aircraft collision as we have no Atc to guide us and we would be better of using jetstreams to fly more efficient. I would love to hear your thoughts about this. I also leave a picture on how it could look.

Sounds Great! I have an idea for this- There could be a separate frequency at Gander where the ATC would clear you for one of the routes. I’m not so great at explaining things, so look here:

(Its by Wendover, so you know its good)


Seen this video before, perfectly explains how the system works.


This would be good and all but there are many issues with this sort of system that come up:

Developers would have to update these tracks and airways frequently as the tracks, in reality, change based on winds, weather forecasts, and other factors.

Pilots would also need to understand how to use these tracks properly (when to enter, when to exit, etc). As of right now, I don’t see many pilots creating realistic flights plans (some simply add the destination airport and proceed to it directly). We would need to encourage many pilots to fly realistically but that would be a very difficult feat to overcome.

ATC will also face a few problems directing pilots into a desired NAT track as most pilots aren’t near their devices during any oceanic crossings.

There are many other issues I can list, but these are the main ones I can think of. All in all, based on the issues above, I don’t really see this coming anytime soon. It is definitely a feature, however, I would love to have as I am a big supporter of increasing overall realism in Infinite Flight. :)

My $0.02. ✌️


Having it a expert server feature would definitely help. And also it would give players more to do in flight. Maybe you stay with your flight until cleared for the NAT. And then you knew that you would not interrupt any traffic when you’re not watching the flight.

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I love Wendover it’s the goods

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just use simbrief when you plan these flights
it gives u the best transatlantic airway based on winds

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I agree with you here. I probably should’ve mentioned that originally.

This is still an issue though. The developers would have to encourage pilots to fly realistically which of course, is quite difficult to achieve. Myself and many others do take realism seriously, while some simply jump in a plane, load up a random amount of fuel, and fly somewhere without taking realism into account (even on the expert server).

So until pilot knowledge regarding realistic flying procedures increase, I just cannot see this happening which is quite disappointing.

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But it doesn’t avoid colliding!

There isn’t really any need for clearance because all the people have to do is go at an even or odd altitude depending on the direction. (east, west)
Suppose the only problem is if an aircraft is faster than another one…

I publicly like this idea, although I never really over oceans.

In my opinion, this is a great feature as it would encourage all the pilots to increase their realism. The different routes would be chosen and directed to the pilot considering the actual amount of traffic right now, weather and the destination. The altitude could be assigned to avoid collisions (just as it is in real life) - and at the end the diversion airport (according to the aircraft type) could be assigned - like ETOPS.

Additionally, I think it would be great if we had an ATC (likely to be a Unicom) where all the aircraft “crossing the pond” would contact each other about altitude, direction, speed, location, next WPTs (or in this case their transatlantic crossing)

(Maybe there could be a less professional section on this Unicom where the pilots could talk about the flight in general or other IF experiences just to pass some time?)



The tracks could change automatically. It just needs some coding


It would be nice to have that implemented into the game it would make filing Flight plans easier and to keep people from colliding.