Transaero To Cease Operations

Well another chapter in aviation history ends.

Transaero is to cease operations on December 15th, 2015 since the deal with Aeroflot fell through.

Sad day for the 747-8, A380, and A330neo programs.

RIP to all of their old (And rare) 737-300s, 737-400s, 737-500s, 767-200ERs, and 777-200s. More 3rd Gen airliners bite the dust… Nearly literally.

Specially sad to see their small subfleet of Tu-214s disappear. Even the 4th gen Tu-204 is becoming rare…

Get your photos while you still can. I’m going to savor getting the last 777-200s flying into JFK.


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Truly sad for me, looks like I will never see a B748 or A388 of them.

So sad. I have always wanted to see what the 748 looked like in their livery (IRL).

There are renderings if you’re interested and maybe the frames they were going to get may have their livery already.

What’s going to happen to the frames…

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