Transaero new livery

A few months ago Transaero introduced their new livery.
See what happens when you paint aircrafts which actually don’t exist? (B748; A388).

Transaero is not the only carrier with a new livery.
KLM, Transavia, Thomson (B752), Thomas Cook, TUIFly, American Airlines (B763; B772) and United (E170; CRJ200).

I’ve seen those liverys. It sucks that IF put the old livery for Transero but, if they keep them just means we get new awesome livery designs. I insist that IF keep old livery designs and implement new ones, remember “No one has to be the same” ;)

Move it to Real World Aviation.

Difference bet. Transaero’s situation and the ones below is that the others actually existed in those liveries. The Transaero situation is worse because those aircrafts will never be painted in the existing livery(ies) making it unrealisitc (0% chance of a retrojet livery IMO).