Transaero Going Under 10/26

Shame that this airline is going belly up even sooner than planned. With Transaero, we lose many of the quickly vanishing 3rd generation of airliners:

2 Boeing 737-300
4 Boeing 737-400
10 Boeing 737-500
2 Boeing 767-200ER

In addition, we lose the following non-3rd generation but special aircraft nonetheless:

9 Boeing 747-400
2 Boeing 777-200
12 Airbus A330-900neo
4 Orders for Airbus A380-800
4 Orders for Boeing 747-8s
6 Orders for Sukhoi Superjets
3 Tupolev Tu-214
6 Orders for Irkut MS-21s.

Of the 5 manufacturers Transaero is ordering from, the following are affected, assuming no airline takes up these orders:

Airbus: 34
Boeing: 14
Sukhoi: 6
Irkut: 6

Data from wikipedia.

Interesting tweet put out by FR24:

Uploading… Uploading… Uploading…

This was a few weeks ago but they were parked at an Irish airport permanently

What caused them to go under? Bankruptcy?

They cater to tourist travelers, flying very economy heavy aircraft to large hotspots like PUJ, the beautiful cities in Spain, etc. utilizing 500 passenger 747-400s. Once the ruble crashed, many passengers suddenly couldn’t afford these distant and even relatively close destinations and eventually, the lack of economy/just enough business drove Transaero into the ground.

They also maintained an aging and un-centralized fleet which may have helped speed up their death. They were mainly stuck with 3rd and very early 4th generation aircraft (737-300, 737-400, 737-500, 747-400, 767-200ER, 767-300ER, the earliest 777-200s in existance).

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