Transaero Boeing 777-200

In honor of Transaero’s impending shutdown, here is a recent photo I took and haven’t uploaded till now.

EI-UNZ, one of the oldest 777s (Line #13) coming into JFK after the long flight from VKO. 777-200 though it is old has quite the long legs :).

Really gonna miss that nice blue livery:



I’m gonna miss 'em!

Aeroflot is going to buy Transaero, right?

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The deal fell through. In December Transaero will stop flying.

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I’m up for it! LOL!

Yes definitely. I can turn it into a house if I want. ;)

So in 2015, transaero and US airways are going away.

Sadly… but yes.

Yes. Another sad year for aviation.
But life goes on. Hope Eastern Air Lines which was concieved this year goes on to become a successful brand

I can only dream. I hear also they are purchasing the Mitsubishi Regional Jet. That livery on that plane will fascinate me.

Another? What other year?

1991 with Pan Am and 2001 with 9/11 and TWA for example